Our Travels

In June 2023, we set off on an extraordinary 12-month expedition across the diverse landscapes of Europe and Asia in Octo, our self-converted Land Rover Defender. This ambitious journey spanned approximately 30,000 kilometers and took us through the cultural tapestries and natural splendors of 14 distinct countries. From the romantic vineyards of France to the rugged fjords of Norway, the icy expanse of Finland, and the medieval charm of Estonia, each country unfolded its unique allure, history, and challenges, weaving a mosaic of experiences that blurred the lines between ourselves and the places we ventured into.

Driving through Poland into the heart of the Balkans, we navigated Croatia's Adriatic coast, Montenegro's mountainous hinterlands, Albania's untouched landscapes, and the serene beauty of North Macedonia. The rich history and warm hospitality of Bosnia provided a stark contrast to the serene, idyllic settings of earlier destinations. Each place became more than a point on the map; it was a chapter in our story, a series of lessons in resilience, adaptation, and the kindness of strangers. Octo, more than a vehicle, became our home on wheels, a constant companion through every challenge, encapsulating the essence of adventure and the spirit of exploration.

This journey is not just a physical traversal across continents but a deep, personal odyssey that has transformed us. It is a testament to human curiosity and our quest for understanding and connection across cultural divides. The myriad landscapes, from the snow-draped forests of Finland to the sun-kissed shores of the Adriatic Sea, framed our journey of discovery, not just of the world but of ourselves. As this journey comes to a close, we are left with a tapestry of memories, a collection of moments that transcended the mere act of travel, embodying the profound impact of stepping into the unknown with an open heart and an unquenchable thirst for the road less travelled.

Uninteresting Stats

mode_of_travelTotal Distance30000km
natureWild Camps80
campingPaid Camps30
location_cityFavourite CityTallinn
apartmentFavourite CountryBosnia & Herzegovina
propane_tankLitres of Diesel1262
local_gas_stationFuel Stops28
format_color_fillAverage Fill45
distanceAverage Distance500km